Good morning?

Big fire in Fallbrook last night. For some reason I woke up at 4am and checked the news, and bam…there’s a wildfire five miles from the house. 750 acres burned so far, but wind is driving it west into Camp Pendleton. Not a great way to wake up on Christmas Eve.

Updates: The fire is larger, but still tracking away from us. And the winds have died down, so CalFire and others should be able to handle it.

Yesterday’s water main break is also now fixed. I was able to “fix” it, but used a weak sort of PVC glue and the water pressure popped the pipes again. Thankfully a pro came out this morning and fixed it, teaching me a few things in the process.

Sooooo….a flood, then a fire in less than 24 hours. Not sure what’s next – earthquake or tornado. I wouldn’t put anything past 2020.

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