Thanksgiving trivia

For your entertainment on this fine Thanksgiving Day, I present the Trump Memorial Library. Someone spent a lot of time on this – the detail is excellent. I chuckle every time I take the tour.

I didn’t know this about Thanksgiving. From Heather Cox Richardson’s wonderful blog:

That first Thanksgiving celebration was not in Plymouth, Massachusetts. While the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags did indeed share a harvest feast in fall 1621, and while early colonial leaders periodically declared days of thanksgiving when settlers were supposed to give their thanks for continued life and– with luck—prosperity, neither of these gave rise to our national celebration of Thanksgiving.

We celebrate Thanksgiving because of the Civil War.

And Lincoln was the one who institutionalized the Thanksgiving holiday for Americans. Who knew? Follow the link above and read the whole thing.

One more weird and trivial item about Thanksgiving. It seems that raccoon was once viewed as a tasty Thanksgiving main course, and President Coolidge’s family adopted their raccoon rather than roasting it. Good for them.

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