Turkeyday Eve

I’ve always liked the Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s a day that Americans have decided is about eating in excess, so…that’s always worked for me. Though these days I have to take care and invoke portion control – in my mind I’m 25, but the reality is different.

There are always things to be thankful for, and 2020 is no different (though it’s trying with all its might). My wife, our families, the grandsons, our friends, better-than-deserved health…these are the big ones. In spite of COVID and politics and getting older by the day, these big items make life worth living.

Bright Eyes

I’m also thankful that our long American political nightmare seems to be over. Sure, there are other political fights and outrages on the way, but getting rid of the Trump crime family will be a blessing. I can’t even say that I wish them well on their way out of the White House – I’m not that good a person.

On a more trivial note, the new stereo components are in place and working. I’m very happy about the results – spectacular sound, and the Spatial M3 speakers finally have the electronic components necessary to show off their capability. Now I just have to avoid blowing out my remaining hearing with their massive (and clear) sound levels. Moderation…not my strong suit.

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