Louisville food tour part two

Thinking back on our final week in Louisville, there are a few other notable meals we had at great Louisville restaurants. Here they are, in no particular order:

We had a late lunch with in-law nephew Alex at Mussel and Burger Bar. (Pro tip – to avoid crowds and have max social distance between your table and others, indoor or out, slide lunch to 130-ish. Works every time.) MBB always delivers for us, and I had an absolutely great Argentine Burger. One MBB burger is pretty much the only meal you’ll need for the day, and this was no exception. Well, that and a pile of truffle fries.

Tacos Luchador – we ordered a massive takeout dinner from Luchador. This was a first for me, and I really liked their tacos. Very satisfying, creative and tasty take on tacos. But not cheap – this was a pricey takeout meal for five. I’ll admit that the two pitchers of margaritas might have something to do with that.

One evening SIL Greg decided he wanted some more exotic fare, so we ordered take-out meals from Queen of Sheba, featuring authentic Ethiopian food. This was a first for me, so we ordered pretty much blind. Everything was delicious, so we’ll be back for more Ethiopian.

We had a nice outdoor lunch at The Cafe, sitting outdoors at the new location. I can see why it’s Louisville’s #1 lunch venue – everything we saw served was hunger-worthy. I had a Rueben and two nice glasses of chilled Rose, so I was 100% ready for a nap afterward. The Cafe is highly recommended.

On our last day there Emily ordered a batch of Chip’s Cookies for us. I’d heard great things, but these cookies were…spectacular. Simply the best I’ve had in 60+ years, and that takes in a lot of cookie territory. The sea salt treatment on them is their secret sauce. I’m going to see if I can get them shipped to Socal.

All in, Louisville continued to live up to its foodie city reputation. I don’t lose weight when I’m there.

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