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My creative slump continues. It’s hard to write with the incessant noise from Trumpville and our impending extinction-level-event election. The mind wanders easily.

The VP debate was a bit disappointing. I expected Harris to be sharper and Pence to be weaker. Though I’ll have to say he lies extremely well – he’s smooth. Actually, more like smarmy. Harris did come across as smart and classy.

In the “dreams are weird” category, I woke up with an unusual word in mind: tacent. I didn’t know its definition, I just woke up thinking “tacent”. So I looked it up, and it’s a Latin word meaning silent. That search for a definition also led me here, to the Dictionary of Unusual Words. Or The Phrontistery, if you prefer. It includes little bonus sections, like the Compendium of Lost Words. I had no idea it existed and I love it – this will be a new favorite.

I have to mention one particular Trump insanity that popped up overnight. From the CNN website:

President Trump says he doesn’t believe he is contagious and, less than a week after testing positive for coronavirus, he is ready to resume campaign rallies. He says he is immune from another infection and attributed his recovery to being a “perfect physical specimen.” In his first interview since returning from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Trump sounded raspy on the phone speaking with Fox Business. But he insisted he is, in fact, better than normal and is prepared to resume his campaign schedule.

I really think we’re in 25th Amendment territory here, folks. He’s immune? And…”a perfect physical specimen”? Trump is nuts, and someone needs to keep him from harming himself, others and the country further. But no one in his Cabinet will step up and do the right thing.

And finally, I voted today! Feels good; you should try it.