Luck ran out

We’ve had great luck with weather over the last 17 days, but our luck has run out. We made it to the in-laws’ estate in Branson (“estate” not said in jest, the place is huge) where we plan to stay for a couple of days. We’ve got thunderstorms here – not terrible luck, but somewhat constraining.

The really bad luck starts Wednesday, wherein we intended to drive to NM. We planned to cross OK, the TX panhandle and eastern NM on Wednesday, but an early winter storm will deposit lots of snow and ice on that exact route on Tuesday and Wednesday. So that seems ill-advised.

We’ll wait a day and decide whether to wait a day and keep our route or depart on Wednesday as planned and drop way south to avoid the snow.

Meanwhile, even with the rainy weather I’m going to make a pilgrimage to the new Payne’s Valley course that was featured a month ago. It’ll be sad not to jump right in and play it, but at least I can do some recon.

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