October is different in the West

More bad news today, this time about Dune. Fucking 2020.

I’m definitely in a funk. The endless heat wave, the white skies, surgery recovery, Trump’s insane clown posse Presidency, Napa burning, COVID uncertainty…it all adds up. It’s very hard to do anything creative or productive. Twenty-eight days until the 2020 election. Let’s hope that at least one of the chaos factors clears up around then. If it doesn’t…time to go shopping for Canadian real estate. Or Northern Italy.

One bright spot – we go on a big road trip soon, making our way back to Louisville and an actual autumn season. And of course the kids (seen below). That should go a long way toward resolving my angst, though I am worried about long days spent in a car with the still-healing knee. A calculated risk, like most things these days.

Later today I return my leased BMW 530e, maybe the last brand-new car I’ll ever drive. It was a great one, but I’m happy to now have a fully paid for used car. A small concession to retirement.

One other bright spot of late is that I’ve started reading James S. A. Corey’s incredible series, The Expanse. I loved the Amazon-produced video series, and the books are even better. I see the video’s characters in my head as I read the books, and it lends a realism to the characters and story you don’t often get.

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