Just another Friday

I took yesterday morning off to go play some golf – my first 18 holes after surgery. That went great, but wow did I miss a lot of crazy in one morning.

  • Trump goes from testing positive, to having “mild symptoms”, to being taken to the hospital. One White House staffer was quoted as saying they wanted him to go to the hospital while he could still walk to the helicopter. (?!) Mild symptoms, huh?
  • Wife Melania, also infected, is on tape being a horrible person. So much for the thought that she’s just a victim caught in Trump’s evil orbit – turns out she’s right at home in the heart of darkness.
  • Half a dozen of Trump’s key staff, several journalists and at least three Rep. Senators also infected, all apparently from the barefaced, socially-packed Rose garden announcement ceremony for Trump’s new SCOTUS nomination.

On that third point I have to include this cartoon sent by a friend. It’s just too perfect.

That’s a lot of crazy for a few hours, even in Trumpville. The next 30 days (!) until the election will be something to watch and live through. You just couldn’t make this shit up – a novel with this plot would be rejected due to lack of believeability.

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