Time and space

Just a quick note on the road to KY. After two hard days of driving east, I can safely say:

  • It takes a helluva lot of time to drive across our great nation
  • There’s a lot of empty space in between here and there. A LOT.
  • I’m very grateful for the interstate highway system. It works. If we tried to build it today, it would cost a septillion dollars and take 50 years. In the 60s they spent only a few billion, and the total cost to date is less than $500B. They were real engineers in the 60s – they also sent people to the Moon.
  • I’m very grateful for the superb German engineering embodied by my BMW. It truly is the ultimate driving machine.
  • We should all realize we live in an age of wonders. Yes, there’s a lot of bad shit happening, but we’ve come to take for granted certain miracles like routine air travel. I’m driving 30 hours to get somewhere that in January I could reach in just over six hours, door to door. I’ll never take that for granted again.
  • There are only five main geologic zones between my CA home and my KY destination. It’s really clear when you drive across them.
    • The great America southwest desert.
    • Mountains, either the Rockies or the Lagunas or both.
    • The Kaibab plateau.
    • The Great Plains.
    • The forested green zone starting somewhere in Oklahoma.
  • Hotel rooms without a corkscrew should be illegal. Just saying.


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