Here are some numbers that caught my attention today:

  • It’s rained about a tenth of an inch here today, unexpectedly. That brings our annual rainfall to 20 inches, compared with our 14.5 inch historical average. Not bad.
  • I start my 2100 mile, 30+ hour drive in a few days. Big numbers.
  • I start my drive exactly 90 days after we first hunkered down. Only 90 days and it feels like a year.
  • I’ve read 40 books so far this year. I set that as my 2020 goal in January, via Goodreads. Sorta blew through that number.
  • It’s 151 days until the 2020 Presidential election. I hope we can make it that long.
  • This weekend, or no later than Monday, the US will have counted 2,000,000 COVID-infected citizens and 112,000 of them will have died. Before it’s all over (a vaccine), I’ll predict those totals will be 1.5-2x as large. Just 90 days ago, unimaginable.
  • Biden, God bless him, just can’t help himself. he just got quoted as saying 15-20% of Americans aren’t very good people. While I agree with that, it’s something that can derail a Presidential campaign (see Hilary’s infamous quote about “a basket of deplorables”) and mobilize your opponents. He knows better, putting a number out there or even the thought was dumb, but he doesn’t have an effective filter between brain and mouth.
  • Just 5 years ago this week we attended the wedding of one of my good friends and golf buddies, Scottie. He, his lovely bride and their loyal hound are pictured above. It was a very nice wedding.

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