TMB syndrome

Some interesting news making the rounds today.

From MIT Technology Review: “Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots. Bot activity has become an expected part of Twitter discourse for any politicized event. Across US and foreign elections and natural disasters, their involvement is normally between 10 and 20%. But in a new study, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have found that bots may account for between 45 and 60% of Twitter accounts discussing covid-19. Many of those accounts were created in February and have since been spreading and amplifying misinformation, including false medical advice, conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus, and pushes to end stay-at-home orders and reopen America.” Pretty interesting agenda being pushed by these bots, right? I’m sure whoever launched them has America’s best interests in mind.

Picked up in a random comment on the web: “I’m in a high-risk cohort due to chronic TMB (Too Many Birthdays).”  That’s me all right. TMB Syndrome.

The common cold, many of which are caused by coronaviruses, may turn out to provide a measure of immunity to COVID-19. Remarkable study, but the emphasis is still on “may provide”. No magic bullets.

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