Downton Abbey, Trump-style

In a bit of a mood this morning, so this little item didn’t help. From CNN:

“White House valets, in particular, are often within spitting distance — if not breathing distance — of the President, Vice President, security details, and the President’s family. They are expected to be available and by his side, whether it’s in the White House or onboard Air Force One. Because they are responsible for the President’s personal needs, including serving him meals or helping him get dressed, it’s hard to believe Trump when he says he had “very little personal contact” with the infected valet.”

So it turns out that one of the President’s “personal valets” has COVID-19. That’s certainly news, and it doesn’t look promising for all the old men surrounding the President – his staff and cabinet. They’re prime examples of high-risk COVID cases. But that’s not my issue. My issue is why the hell does our President need a valet, or several of them? To help him get dressed? Seriously? When did the President become royalty? To be clear, my reaction would be the same for Trump and Obama. If Obama had multiple valets, he shouldn’t have. I’m pretty sick of reading about the hundreds of ways our tax dollars support a royal lifestyle for the President and the people who surround him. Or her. Or they.

I get it, it’s a big job with a busy schedule. I can see the chief executive of our country having a staff, including a killer executive assistant. But multiple valets? No. Just no. I want my money back.