Roller coaster

This has been a big weekend, with some huge highs and lows.

On the high side:

  • Kathryn and I celebrated our nineteenth wedding anniversary. Hard to believe; it feels like a short time ago we were in Scotland for our wedding. We had an excellent day and a great celebration meal on our deck.
  • SpaceX’s successful launch. I’m ecstatic that the US space program is coming back and may have a future.
  • I completed all plans for my upcoming trip to KY to see Jessamine and the rest of the family.
  • Talked with my Dad a lot. He’s a new man these days thanks to medication management. I’m grateful for that.

On the low side:

  • The extensive national violence triggered by the George Floyd killing. The US is tearing itself apart, and there’s no Federal leadership in sight.
  • An unexpected bout of sciatica for yours truly. I’ve had it off and on for several years, but this was a whole new level. Debilitating.
  • I learned that my big plan to go ahead and take my social security benefits early (while they’re still there) won’t work. Turns out my part-time consulting and board work generates enough income to disqualify me. There’s always a catch…

I need to work hard and rest well this coming week to make sure I’m in good shape for a cross-country drive.