Talking points for the 2020 election

OK, I’m breaking my “go light on politics” rule again. Because, even with the virus happening right now, we have a big decision to make in November. A decision probably as impactful as the virus itself. Feel free to use these talking points with your Fox-watching friends and relatives this year.

  • The United States has the worst coronavirus results in the world. The worst in the world. Who is responsible for that?
  • Are you better off today than you were four years ago?
  • In 2016 the Senate established a new rule for nominating Supreme Court justices in the last year of a President’s term. The Senate determined that the nomination should be held for the new President. I expect we’ll hold to that rule in 2020.
  • Harris County Texas, which includes Houston, has 4.5 million people and two Senators representing them (shared with the rest of the state). Twenty-five other states have less population than Harris County and have 50 Senators representing them. How does that make sense?
  • Should the President of the United States be subject to the laws of the land and be held accountable to those laws, no matter which party is in power?

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