Book banning super-Karens

This continues to be a travesty. An outrage. One super-Karen from the odious Moms for Liberty gang decides that Florida children can’t read books by Jodi Picoult, Bernard Malamud, Judy Blume and Nora Roberts (among others). Just one shitty person with a complaint, no review and no due process. For this alone, Ron Desantis should never be allowed to approach the White House. He foments and supports the worst kinds of fascist control.

Books are….everything. Books can rescue a poor child, or a child in a weak educational system. Books paint the picture of what the future can be to someone who has no role models, no access to the larger world. So these trolls are taking those possibilities away from Florida children, showing them only an increasingly narrow Christo-fascist world view. These people, these book banners, are pure evil.

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