Slow news day

This article has made me rethink my rather simplistic idea to team with the Mexican government and have the US military go after the fentanyl cartels. How do you team up with a government that is infested with cartel cronies? If, as the article says, what we are dealing with in Mexico is a completely corrupted government, there’s not much hope of doing anything productive.

This article explains a lot. The pandemic scared people, and scared people do weird things. One thing US citizens did during the pandemic was buy guns – 60 million of them! And these are just the ones we have records for, not the ones sold by individuals at gun shows or out of the trunk of a car. Scared people with guns – that’s why we’re seeing innocent people shot just for showing up at the wrong property. Don’t think I’d want to be a Doordash driver right now.

SCOTUS is supposed to rule on the abortion pill issue today. Whatever the outcome, it’ll turn a slow news day into a big one.

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