An idea for US-Mexico collaboration

Today Heather Cox Richardson tells the story of how the Mexican drug cartels are behind the fentanyl drug epidemic in the US.

It seems pretty black and white to me. Mexican organizations (cartels) are attacking the US, killing 200 people every day. Why can’t the State Dept and DoD work with the Mexican government on joint military strikes against these targets? Ms. Richardson advocates a financial approach to the problem, but she’s nicer than me. The cartels are a disease affecting both the US and Mexico. Time to cure that disease.

Special forces strikes at locations softened up by drones, missiles and laser guided bombs make sense. Target the production sites, the money processing sites, the chemical import sites, and the homes of the leaders. That last part is tougher because of “civilians”, particularly the families of the leaders. I’m sure these guys constantly surround themselves with innocents as a shield. But one way or another, you have to take out the leadership.

I have to believe that if we put our minds and weapons to it we could eradicate this problem. And I think US and Mexican governments working together to solve this problem would be healthy for both nations.

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