Sick day

Rough start to the day today. Coughing, runny nose, headache, itchy blurry eyes…fairly classic cold symptoms. Haven’t felt right for 2-3 days. Took a home COVID test and tested negative, for what that’s worth. But I have one business meeting in person today, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a no-show. I always hated it when, pre-COVID, people would play the martyr and come into the office when they were obviously not well, sneezing and contagious. I shouldn’t be one of those people.

Plus today is a scheduled workout day with the trainer. I’ll have to miss that too.

Other than feeling like shit, there’s not a lot that triggers my need to write at the moment. Politicians are still (mostly) crooked assholes, mass shootings continue unabated, Russia still threatens the Western world, culture wars continue..status quo. Probably a good day to read a book(s) or watch some movies. Or both.

Having a sick day in semi-retirement is actually worse than when I was working full time. Then all I missed was going to work. Now, I miss the opportunity to have a good day doing whatever I might want.

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