And, that’s the weekend

Good day yesterday, weird day today.

Yesterday we took K’s new vehicle to Temecula wine country and picked up our monthly or quarterly allotments from the wineries we’ve joined. Beautiful day and a happy mission. Then we stopped by full-time RVers Todd and Tania’s parking spot at Pechanga and had a cookout with them. It was great to catch up with them – between our travel schedule and their nomadic life we aren’t in the same place all that often.

Today I haven’t felt right all day, and less so as the day went on. I read a classic SF book To Reign in Hell, by Steven Brust. It was interesting but not as good as hoped. I watched the Masters golf tournament off and on all day, and I did two rounds of hard exercise (mostly weights) while watching. I expected to feel better after that, but nope. Feel like I have an incipient flu or a cold. Some sneezing, a sore throat and a general feeling of…not well.

I didn’t *lose* the whole day – a book and some real exercise has to count – but it feels like it. That’s depressing as I’m quite aware that the number of days any of us have is finite, and one going badly is significant. Can’t really afford to piss time away at this stage of things.

All I can do is get some rest tonight and hope that whatever is dragging me down will be gone, ASAP.

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