What will it take?

Two more senseless, tragic mass shootings in California in the last few days. The Monterey Park shootings hit me hard, as I have history with that east LA town. Kaiser has (had?) a big IT facility there, and I had about 100 people who worked for me there from 2007-2018. I used to make the drive to Monterey Park quite often and got to know the area well. It’s an odd little Asian-centric part of LA, just east of some of the worst ganglands in LA. Great seafood and Asian fare. I liked the people who worked for me in MP, so I came to like the area. I just hope none of them are in the victim list.

I know what it will take to stop this, but I don’t know if we’ll ever be honest with ourselves. The problem is 100% about the easy availability of guns and ammo in America. These are troubled people, likely mentally unstable, and they have easy access to guns. Effectively no controls. So innocent people get shot and killed, again and again. May the NRA and the politicians who enact criminally-lax gun laws burn in hell, because they’ve indirectly murdered thousands.

Saying it again, we don’t need to abolish private gun ownership. We DO need gun licensing, required and ongoing training, and an active regulation of gun owners. Owning and using a gun should be like flying an airplane – you get trained and vetted, you get licensed, and usage is monitored and regulated. We don’t let just any old fool fire up a Cessna and take off, and we shouldn’t let that same old fool buy and use a gun over the course of one day.

This lack of control on guns makes America look stupid, dangerous, foolish and even evil. What will it take to change us?

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