You couldn’t make this shit up

Busy day today. Board meeting, cleanup around the property after the storms, cleanup in my office (the paper monster), and getting my camera gear organized for travel. Have gone to a small camera pack that fits inside a carry-on backpack.


Last night’s UK game against GA was a joy to watch, mostly because of Oscar Tshiebwe. He had a huge game after his coach criticized him publicly. Whatever works. But that’s now two in a row, and gives some hope that the lackluster Cats are a thing of the past.


Lots to be outraged about today; here are a few examples.

Desantis wants to kill his FL voters, especially seniors.

The new NY congresscritter, Santos or whatever his name is, stole money from a dying dog’s GoFundMe. His last name was Devolder at the time. Stealing from a dying dog, that’s a new low. The Republicans should be proud.

MargeTaylorGreene got placed on two important House committees. She’s the new normal. Our tax dollars at work.

Guns aren’t enough anymore in Texas. Some dude tried to get an anti-tank weapon through TSA at the airport.

We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you take your home.

Presenting the Jr-15, an AR-15 style killing machine for kids.

There’s just no end to amazing, confusing, and outrageous items today. You really couldn’t make this stuff up – reality is weirder than fiction. I think I’ll just read a book.

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