A uniquely American tragedy

The recent story about a Virginia teacher being shot by a six-year-old student during an argument in class is morbidly fascinating. In one awful morality tale, it illustrates (1) the extreme problem we have with gun control in America, and (2) the problems we have with children exposed to violence and their subsequent violent behavior.

If I were in charge (a game I often play), here’s what I would do:

  1. Until there are fewer guns in America (not holding my breath), every school needs metal detectors. At every entrance.
  2. Phones would not be allowed in schools – let’s have everyone focused on teaching and learning, not importing social media with all its ills. This would help weaken the psychological lock phones and social media have on kids today.
  3. Pay for police presence outside every school while children are there and school is in session. Between this and item 1, school shootings should be close to zero.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert here, but something has to change. We are failing generations of kids by allowing gun violence to affect their school life and their formative years. School should be a special and safe place in their lives, and it clearly isn’t. We have to do better.

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