A new day, a new year

Hello 2023! Let’s all have a Happy New Year. Or at least a better year than 2022…

We had an uneventful flight back to Socal yesterday, nine days later than planned. We arrived to one of the best gifts possible, a nice rain storm. Thus ended the Xmas travel saga, an odd and memorable week.


We start the new year with this hopeful but unlikely headline in The Daily Beast: Trump’s Taxes Are the Best Case Yet for Putting Him in Prison. One can dream, but Teflon Don has escaped so many crimes, what’s one more? But it would be deliciously ironic if the IRS he gutted during his term is the vehicle that convicts him.


One thing going into 2023 is certain – it’s now neck and neck for 2022’s Worst CEO of the Year award. Elon Musk had it wrapped up due to his erasing 70% of Tesla’s value and 56% of Twitter’s value, but then Bob Jordan of Southwest Airlines said “…hold my beer”. My vote still goes to Musk, but Jordan has made a strong case for himself over the past few weeks.


Here’s the first good reason I’ve seen to invest in a virtual reality headset like Oculus – Space Portal. Maybe (doh, pretty much certainly) I won’t get to go to space in person, but this would be a great second prize.

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