Four years!

I just realized it has been four years since I semi-retired – since I last went to work knowing that it was a five day a week, gotta be there gig. Four!

That’s…amazing. Surprising. That’s as much time as I spent in high school, or undergrad college. I’m a little ashamed of what I have to show for it:

  • An almost-finished book
  • I’ve become a very capable board member, including four years as Chairman of one organization
  • A couple of hundred thousand words written for the blog
  • Jumped off the OB Pier and lived (2018)
  • A golf tournament winner for the first time ever (Tchefuncta, 2021)
  • A new knee (2020)
  • A superb olive oil harvest (2019)
  • Time spent with the grandkids, including a new one in this timeline (hi Jesse!)
  • Bought and furnished a second home in Louisville
  • Multi-month consulting gigs in project management, quantum computing, and AI (I’ve earned more in “retirement” than I ever imagined)
  • Moved my Dad and Phyllis from their independent home to assisted living – I list this because it consumed 2-3 months of life right at the beginning of 2020
  • Quite a bit of travel, even with the pandemic – two pandemic cross-country drives (2020), three trips to Cabo, two to Alaska, a trip to CO mountains, trip to Hawaii (2019 and 2020), two trips to Napa and Reno, Nashville (early 2020, the beginning of pandemic), a trip to Pebble Beach (2018), Guadaloupe Valle (2019), Sicily and Malta (2019), two golf trips to Oakmont, multiple RV camping trips, and many, many trips to Kentucky.

OK, when I list it like that, it doesn’t seem so bad. I’m not a complete slacker.

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