The weight of sleep

A decent night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold (how much does sleep weigh?). The world is a little less grim today, or I’m a little more optimistic.

Joe Biden’s speech last night was great. He’s not a polished speech-maker, but it was the content that I liked, not the delivery. It’s time to call out the MAGA crowd for what they are – selfish, petulant, ignorant and dangerous children. They want what they want and if they don’t get it they’ll resort to violence and anarchy, laws and logic be damned. And Biden did that. It’s time for people on the side of law and order, of Democracy, to speak up and fight back against the MAGA bullies. Good for Joe.

It all started with the MAGA leader, Herr Drumph. This Politico article – How Trump Taught Everybody to be Obnoxious and Cruel – is 100% right. People always had a mean side, but they kept it under control and hidden until Trump showed them they didn’t have to. He normalized cruelty for those who tended that way anyway.