Autumnal equinox

Today is the last day of summer and the official beginning of Fall in the northern hemisphere. On one hand, good riddance – it wasn’t a great summer. Quite a bit of it sucked, in fact. But on the other hand, how many more of these transitions do I have? Worth thinking about.

There’s a lot to look forward to this fall. The cool, crisp weather in KY (and at times, in Socal). The St. James Art Fair. UK football, and in one month, three weeks and five days, UK basketball! My annual Tchefuncta golf tourney in NOLA. Some quality time with the kids and grandkids. Thanksgiving. And toward the end of the fall season, we leave for our northern lights trip to Norway, with a side trip to Scotland.

That’s quite a list. Doing all that depends on staying healthy, something we can no longer just assume, as recent weeks have proven.

Another thing to look forward to. It appears the Trump crime family will finally have to face justice. The civil suit in NY has some teeth. And I fully expect an indictment from the DOJ at some point, though that’s less certain than the NY litigation. Trump’s teflon is wearing off – the shit is starting to stick to him. He needs to be brought to justice, humbled and used as an example to the world that this is how we treat would-be despots. His legions will cry and scream, but let them. I’m happy to see that process moving forward.

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