Normality, and some AK pictures

At last. Today I got out of bed and felt…normal. What a great feeling. It only takes a week or so of feeling ill to make you appreciate normal health. I felt so good this morning that I downloaded and dug into some Alaska trip pictures.

First up, here’s a hazy and highly magnified view of Mt. Rainier from the ship’s deck.

Next, a shot of what would likely be my favorite bar in Ketchikan.

Here’s a view we had for days – the Inward Passage.

Though most of the time it looked more like this. Subdued light, monochrome greys and tans.

We saw a lot of waterfalls in Skagway, gateway to the Yukon. Wild, wild country up there.

To illustrate the excitement of being in Skagway, our guide made a special effort to take us off the trail and show us a discovery he had made a day or so ago. Stop the presses!

Finally, at least for this post, I did get to see the Mendenhall Glacier Falls up close this time. It required a 1-mile power walk to the falls with fellow traveler Denise (pictured). We had to hurry because the bus stop gave us only a little time at the glacier.

There are lots more pictures, but that’s a start.

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