Tuesday feels like a Monday

I’ve spent hours the last couple of days trying to unravel the mystery of “what happened to the thousands of dollars I spent on airfare to/from South America in 2021 and then cancelled?”. Faulty memory, crummy airline accounting systems, a few records on my old laptop’s hard drive and not on this one, and the complication of having used a travel agent for half the travel are all roadblocks. So far I’ve accounted for half the funds, and the other half I should unearth today. Moral of the story…try not to cancel a big, complex trip. Thanks, COVID.

In the previous post I featured my absolute favorite Cult song, Then Came the Last Days of May. Pure genius, that one, from the lyrics to the soaring guitar. I can listen to it over and over. Turns out I’ve done that, for 50 years!

I’m reading yet another of Peter Cawdron’s First Contact series. Cawdron has written 20 (!) books with variations on humanity’s first contact with alien life, and they’re quite good. He has an easy-to-read writing style and a superb imagination. Right now I’m reading Deja Vu, and I’m captivated. What a story. The dude has some amazing work ethic – he’s published at least 30 books in the last 11 years. I need his secret.

Why are college tuition costs so out of control? Here’s a surprisingly simple explanation. Talk about unintended consequences…

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