Second day back in Socal. Great weather here, timezone / jet lag almost gone, and more COVID outbreaks among the family. Cases all around K and me, but so far it hasn’t touched us that we know of.

The big news this week was grandson Jesse falling off the couch and breaking his arm the day after we left. It was a bad break, and for a while it looked like he’d need surgery to repair. So far, they’ve just set it with no surgery. Poor little guy, his outgoing personality and climbing ability exceeds his sense of what is safe in this gravity well. We were all pretty beat up about it while he was at the hospital, but he seems to be OK, albeit with a big cast on his arm. Little boys will be little boys; it happens.

I need to add one more foodie note to the Louisville trip. We visited Mesh for dinner, and I’ll give it a good but not great. Good atmosphere, great company (Chris and Marci), and good-enough food. We’ll try it again sometime. In retrospect, the unlikely food star of our trip were the Pepperoni Bombs from Parlour. Those are now on my must-have list every time I’m in town.

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