The fact that Voyager1 is now in interstellar space blows my mind. It’s 14.5 billion miles away, or almost 21 light-hours. This is the first object humanity has ever pushed outside our solar system, and the fact that it’s still working (more or less) after 45 years blows my mind again. NASA doesn’t get everything right, but they sponsored some great engineering back in the day. And inspired a weirdly-detailed Star Trek character.

Following the space theme, this collection of Milky Way images is pretty great. Awe-inspiring, otherworldly. Literally.

I really wanted to attend the Kauai Writers’ Conference this year. This conference has been on my radar a long time, but work always got in the way. Then COVID. And now the Norway trip we’ve scheduled is on the same dates. One of these years…

Instead, I’m attending and sponsoring Imaginarium. I wanted to support a Louisville-based writing event, and this year’s event looks good. It should be a confluence of creative people from all walks of life. It also occurs during my birthday weekend, so that’s fun. That means I’ve only got 60 days left to polish some of my work and get it ready for workshops.

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