Aim low

My Dad has a new, upgraded phone to make it easier to reach him – what a great idea! But he can’t hear the default ringtone on the phone, so now no one can reach him. Unintended consequences. When I get there (soon) I’ll have to set his ringtone to something within his limited range of hearing.

The foody list from this trip is just the usual suspects so far – Parlour, Con Huevos, Joella’s, Red Hog, and Green District. I have aspirations for Barn8 and Porcini (or maybe Volare), but we’ll see how it goes. I have to say, the pepperoni balls from Parlour are some of the finest snacks ever.

The weather so far on this trip has been perfect. Rain at night a couple of times, and sunny and mild during the day. Humidity mostly on the low side. San Diego weather in Louisville – go figure.

I’m running two parallel calendars these days – one for my work/consulting gig, on their systems, and my personal calendar on my Mac app. So far I haven’t found a way to synch those calendars via software, so I try to do it manually and end up doing a shitty job of it, missing appointments. How hard would it be to release a simple-to-use calendar synch tool? I can’t be the only person with this need.

My big plan for today is a long walk somewhere. Pretty ambitious, I know. But that’s the kind of person I am these days – aim low and be happy when I exceed expectations.


Update, post-walk. I realized something on my walk. Living in Socal has made me lazy and cynical about getting outside and doing something when the weather is nice, because the weather is ALWAYS nice. Why go now when tomorrow will be just the same, day after day?

In KY you have 3 months where it’s cold and wet, maybe real cold. And the other 9 months it may rain at any moment, so when you get a beautiful morning your mindset is completely different – you can’t tell yourself “I always have tomorrow”. So you go for the walk. It’s probable that this fits my personality better because this is the rhythm I grew up with. The eternal sunshine of Socal just feels weird to me.

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