Sleep deprived movie review

Sleep deprived. It’s a terrible feeling – bleary eyes, a heavy mental fog to contend with, physical fatigue, trouble focusing – it’s right up there with a hangover as the worst way to spend a morning. And I’m definitely sleep deprived this morning. Was awake for a while almost every hour last night.

It began when we watched Matrix Resurrections and its run time took me well past my normal bedtime. I was pretty disappointed in Resurrections. It had some great nostalgic moments, but in general it was way, way too dependent on no-gravity fight scenes and massive amounts of bullets. You’d think that in the 60+ years of Matrix time that had passed, and the real-world years (at least I think this is the real world) since the last movie, that new modes of shooting people would have been featured. Lasers. Disintegration rays. Mental disruptors. Something. But no, we got old-fashioned guns and bullets. Lots of bullets.

We’ve seen it all before, and it got boring. The best parts were seeing how well Neo and Trinity have aged in the real world. Even given movie effects and makeup, they’ve aged gracefully. That part of Resurrections worked. But in general, it wasn’t a movie I would recommend to anyone. Kind of meh.

I don’t think all the weird dreams I had and the too-frequent wake-ups had anything to do with the movie, but who knows. Maybe one of the scenes contained a neural infection. The weirdest dream I had involved a round of golf where no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the ball off the first tee. In this dream, I was helpless and hapless – nothing I tried worked. I ended up roaming through the course without clubs, wandering through a nightmare landscape involving caverns, cliff faces that had to be climbed and a huge lake/waterfall covered by some plastic substance that you had to crawl over. Like I said, weird. And the fact that I remember this dream and others is unusual.

OK, on second thought, maybe a movie about the way-too-uncertain nature of reality did contribute to my restless night. All I know is right now the morning coffee isn’t working and sleep deprivation sucks.

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