Happy Thursday

Well, I completely missed the annual Star Wars pun day, May 4th. Atypical, but I had a down day yesterday in which I read a book and tried to ignore the world.

Why would I ignore the world, you ask? Just a brief skim of the news this morning reveals that Ukraine is still under attack; Ohio has elected a cryptofascist asshole (JD Vance) as their GOP Senatorial candidate; the US has now tallied at least 1M COVID deaths; the US Supreme Court is a horrific dumpster fire; and social media is still a cesspool that’s rewiring the brains of young people. Managed to get all that in ten minutes.

So I’d like to read another book today, but I have a lot of meetings scheduled out in the world. At least I’m heading out there with a positive attitude.

UPDATE: Wow, what a day. Spent about three hours and 200 miles on the freeways at 80+ mph, multiple stops and multiple meetings. Really takes it out of you. Started the day interviewing someone for an executive position over a breakfast, then we all four got up and left. Without paying the bill. I ran back and tried to pay up, but the waitress said our interviewee had circled back and paid. Funny in a way, but rather bad form on our part. Dude probably expects a job offer now.

My formal, scheduled meetings with people went really well today. I’m good in a room, if I say so myself. But after it’s all over I’m wiped out. Setting my introvert tendencies aside and being sociable with people is weirdly tiring.

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