Historic day

Well, it finally happened. Bombs and weapons active in Kiev (or Kyiv, whatever) today. And Kiev is way, way inside the Ukraine border. This is no longer a nibble of some territory around the edges, it’s a full-blown “…nice country you have here, we think we’ll take it” action. Predictably, the stock market is crashing and the media is going nuts.

Next big question is which western country fires the first shot in opposition. Kinda feels like an all-in situation – if you go active in combat against the Sovs, you better bring your A-game. It’s not hard to imagine US F-35s getting involved very soon. WW3 is at the bottom of this very slippery slope.

Only good news so far today is that Southwest dropped $1500 on me to take a flight 90 minutes later than the one I was on. That’s the most money I’ve made per hour in a while. Pretty good retirement gig – travel and be flexible on what flight you take.

And while waiting for my profitable flight, I did something unusual – I bought a paperback book. A real physical book, imagine that. Airports are doing a “buy the book and return it to most airports for 50% refund on your sale price, within 6 months” deal, and that looks good to me. I picked up Grisham’s “A Time for Mercy“, a 630 page tome. Apparently Grisham has gotten more verbose in his old age.

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