Friday in the Big L

630pm, and watching the sunshine-washed golf from Socal while it’s below freezing here in Louisville – but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I got to spend nine solid hours with the grandsons today and it was fabulous. Just what I needed. They’re both such great kids (no grandparent ever said that, right?) who return the love you show them in lots of ways. Great day.

We started the day with some carryout from the new breakfast hot spot in Louisville, Big Bad Breakfast or BBB. It was packed (see below). Big place, nice remodeling, and every seat filled. Their takeout service was excellent and the meals were first class. My grits bowl and biscuit egg sandwich were perfect. Yet another nice stop on the foodie tour of Louisville.

Packed house at BBB on Barrett Ave

Tomorrow I get to watch a KY game here in the state, hopefully with a cousin or two. We play Alabama and we need a big win after the debacle in TN. Right now it feels like we’re at a crossroads. Come back from the TN loss and we can have a great year. Lose the momentum and let the TN loss leak into 1-2 more games, and this season loses its fragile magic. High hopes for tomorrow.

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