Scenes from a Wednesday morning

Mark Zuckerberg has completely lost his mind. In a Washington Post article today, Zuckerberg outlined changes to Meta’s corporate values, including “Move Fast Together”, “Live in the Future”, and wants employees to call their co-workers “metamates”. Now, we all know statements of company values are often complete bullshit, but at least they’re usually understandable positive qualities like “ethical behavior”, “commitment to excellence”, or “environmental stewards”. I dumped Facebook Meta years ago based on their commitment to destroying Internet privacy and monetizing my identity (and because some of my relatives used it as a platform to insult each other). I predict this wacky transition to becoming “Meta” will carve off half their market value as people see what idiocy it is. Nuff said.


I think it was last night’s game that put me in a foul mood this morning. The Cats were flat, and Tennessee played hard. It was tough to watch.


Looks like the same storm that blew through here yesterday (strong, cold winds, some rain) will be hovering over the Midwest when I land there tomorrow. Certain clouds will get a second chance to rain on me.


I decided to read Ann Leckie’s entire Ancillary series (also know as the Imperial Radch trilogy), and I started with the second book (Ancillary Sword) because I read the first one long ago. It’s a wonderful book, so now I’m going back to the beginning. That book, Ancillary Justice, won pretty much every SF&F award in 2014. Her work isn’t for everyone – it’s a complex setting and story with lots of world building and mind bending ideas. Definitely my thing. The main character, Breq, is a human who was once an AI that controlled an FTL ship, then was later a peripheral, or ancillary, of that ship. Being a mere human is quite a come-down for her. Leckie does a masterful job of dealing with multiple points of view, shared identities and one of the strongest characters in memory. Good stuff.


And finally, I can’t wait for this. Bloom County is becoming a TV series. The synopsis:

Bloom County centers on a collapsed lawyer, a lobotomized cat and a penguin in briefs and fruit headwear living in the world’s last boarding house in the world’s most forgotten place deep in the dandelion wilds of FlyWayWayOver country. To wit, today’s America at a glance.

I always loved the comic strip, and the series should be great fun. When faced with tragedy I almost always default to comedy (at times in poor taste), so this will be perfect.

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