Adios Baja

In a weird coincidence, on the day that we leave the whales have disappeared. WhaleTV is off the air. The day is overcast, the ocean gray and flat, and not a cetacean to be found. Makes it easier for us to walk away for another year.

Last night’s UK game was a good one – always good to beat the Gators. I had to rally all the wait-staff in the resort’s sports bar to figure out how to change the channel on their satellite TV service to the US version of ESPN. (ESPN has channels dedicated to certain countries, and ESPN/MX was carrying soccer (football) instead of college hoops.) But the four of them figured it out and I got to watch the game at the bar. I tipped them well.

Our last event of this trip will be a lunch at Flora Farms, a highly-rated foodie place I’ve always wanted to visit. Big expectations.

Tomorrow it’s back to life in Socal and dealing with some business problems. Wish me luck.

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