Bad news

US Covid-related deaths crossed the 900,000 line this week. Imagine if you knew back in early 2020 that the disease would take out almost a million Americans. The headlines would have been a foot tall. It’s been a tough couple of years, particularly for those folks who won’t get vaccinated.

And in other bad news, we decided to open up a nice bottle of wine this weekend. An old one. It was a nice Chard and we were saving it. Opened it and it had turned into something harsh and vinegary. Thought to myself “well shit, that happens” and went to another great one, a 2005 red we’d been holding onto. Same result. I’ve now got a bad feeling about any of the bottles that have been in our cellar for more than a decade. Looks like the lack of temperature and humidity control have taken a toll. My old winemaking buddy, now departed, told me not to worry, but…it doesn’t look good.

At least the Cats won another road game last night versus Alabama. Life is still worth living. 😉

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