Having a great day watching the annual Sunday Master’s tournament, getting some work done while watching and doing exercises every 30 minutes. Close to a perfect day.

Almost as good as last Sunday with Derby…

Imagine the horror if everyone in Baltimore suddenly died

Another pandemic milestone passed this weekend: ~575K US COVID-related deaths. It’s now certain that we’re going to surpass 600K, an unimaginable number of deaths.

I remember spending a lot of online time a year ago arguing with Trumpers and conspiracy theorists who didn’t believe there was a pandemic at all and that this was some big government control program. And some of those nuts/deniers are still out there.

Here’s a screenshot of the US cities with populations around 600K, from Worldpopulationreview. Just imagine if one of those cities and everyone in it ceased to exist? That’s what COVID-19 has done, just spread out over 50 states.