Good Friday, good dog Derby

Annnnnd…it’s April. Good Friday, in fact. 2021 is now 25% complete – where did the time go?

The picture above is of me and Derby at Tyler Park. She’s a good girl.

Moving a little slow this morning. Some combination of a poor night’s sleep and something I consumed has resulted in lethargy and general allergic-reaction symptoms. Lots of possible culprits – ate at the new Cuban restaurant last night and had plenty of unusual ingredients, from plantains to yucca and rum.

I’ve been a little lazy about importing the many, many pictures taken on this trip. We went to the Louisville Zoo’s light show. I should have some spectacular photos on the Fuji, but here’s an iPhone preview.

Thar be dragons…

It was really a beautiful display. We made it about 80% of the way through before a cold rain began. After that, it was a race back to the cars. But we had fun.