The day after

I really hoped that people would rise up and vote Trump out by a landslide, but it didn’t happen. Instead, we have one of the closest elections ever, much like 2000 (Bush v. Gore). That didn’t end well.

It will take a couple more days to get reliable results from WI, PA, MI, NC, GA and NV. Biden needs to win several of those to win the election.

This morning feels exactly like I’m in the hospital waiting room, waiting to hear whether a loved one has died or not after a horrific accident. Lots of dread but clinging onto a slim hope that everything will be OK.

Overlaying that dread is a sadness at the realization that approximately half of all Americans want Trump as President even AFTER they’ve seen him in action. After all the lying, the disrespect for women, the in-your-face graft and corruption, the infantile behavior, the lawlessness…they still want him in charge. This isn’t the country I thought it was – the reality is much darker.

It’s going to be a long couple of days.

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