Goodbye Branson

We’ve come to the end of our time in Branson. It was relaxing and I’m ready for the final push home. Our visit included great food, a multiple-day Yellowstone episode binge, constant cold rain and a nice visit with the in-laws. We managed to stay 100% away from political topics, a good and mature move – we’re very much on opposite sides of the candidates, the political parties and almost every issue. So avoiding all that was key to enjoying our time. Just goes to show that as much as I like debate, sometimes it’s better left behind. It’s more productive to focus on the things you have in common than the things you don’t.

One highlight of our visit was getting to see a cool little bluegrass band live, inside a nicely-socially-distanted venue. The band, Bluegrass Remedy, covered everyone from Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley to Alison Krauss. They did a nice job, primarily on the backs of a stellar banjo picker and a hot-shit guitarist. We had a great time and I got a few decent pictures (to be included later).

All in, this was a nice stop and I was happy to get to know the in-laws a bit better. Win-win.

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