Big week

It’s a big week. We’re killing time right now getting ready to watch the Presidential debate. That should be interesting.

Barack Obama gave a blistering speech calling out Trump’s many flaws this week. He’s broken with tradition – ex-Presidents seldom weigh in on a sitting President – and I’m grateful he has. We need his clear, logical appeal to Americans. And these are extreme circumstances.

We’ve also had a mysterious announcement from NASA that they have some exciting news to share about the Moon, but they’re not saying anything until Monday. Weird. I hope it’s actually something significant.

And in the biggest news of the week, Olivier Sarr AND Jacob Toppin are approved by the NCAA and SEC to play for the Cats this season! That makes the Cats a much stronger team – Sarr is one of the premier big men in the country. So if COVID doesn’t screw up the 20-21 season like it did for 19-20, we’ll have a great run. I can’t wait.

Also in our big week, we visited the Falls of the Ohio River (featured picture above) and a pumpkin farm / kids fair in Shelbyville (below). Very Octobery and lots of fun.

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