Trouble in paradise

Rough night last night. Our AC isn’t working properly, and the devil’s own heat wave has moved into Socal. Was 95 yesterday; supposed to be 105 degrees today and tomorrow. Add to that my leg has decided to go back to Day 1 stiffness – I think it’s just accumulated fluids draining into the back of the leg, but, the net effect is much tougher stretching and less mobility.

I guess it’s that time. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” So here I go. Happy Saturday.

Update from 430pm, same day. Turns out the leg wasn’t the big challenge for the day. I just needed to dive back into walk/stretch/ice, and it’s now feeling looser. Doin’ fine.

The heat wave, however, heard me complain about 105 and said, “Right. Hold my beer.” We hit 112 degrees today, and have cooked at a steady 110 all afternoon. We’ve never come close to 112 in the 16 years we’ve lived here – 105 may have been our all-time high. And for bonus points, our AC isn’t working properly – we’re only getting a little cooling from the systems.

One of those days, I suppose.

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