New knee, day 4

The days are blurring together, each one a long, scheduled marathon. Drugs in the morning and evening, though fewer each day. Walking and stretching every hour. Do that 10-11 times, eat a couple of meals and the day has come and gone with very little time left.

In spite of this short-term grind I’m feeling an intense sense of peace and thankfulness. I’m happy to be in this process and to have come through surgery in good shape. I’m thankful for my situation, my partner-in-recovery Kathryn, my puzzling though wonderful lack of pain (still only taking Tylenol!).

There’s a lot to look forward to, and every step I take in these first days of rehab get me that much closer to the real goals. Traveling, playing golf, walking normally and regularly – all those are now back on the table and within sight. It’s a great feeling.

Happy Parisian Traveler

This month eight years ago we were on our first wine-themed trip to France. Pictured above is Kathryn inside a nice restaurant in Paris.

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