Weekend notes

I’ve been watching the World ‘O Meter stats lately, and the US has settled into a predictable rhythm of 50K new coronavirus cases per day and 1100 deaths per day. Unless something in our behavior changes, I suspect this pattern will continue until there’s a vaccine. If that is the case, then by the end of 2020 we’ll have 322,000 Americans dead of COVID-19. That’s an awful thought, but right now I don’t see any way to avoid it.

My surgery day is coming up fast, and I have to admit, it’s messing with my head. Lots of introspection and “what ifs” happening. Odds of a worst-case outcome are small – one in 200, or 0.5% – but, that doesn’t stop the wondering. Sometimes an active mind and imagination aren’t a good thing.

My friend Gary sent this happy article about yet another California disaster-in-waiting, a cyclical great flood that’s due again any day now. It’s an interesting read, and it explains why CA’s giant Central Valley is such a rich agricultural region.

In sports news, I am anxiously awaiting two decisions from the NCAA. One, will college basketball happen for the 2020-2021 season? And two, will the NCAA allow Olivier Sarr to transfer to KY for the upcoming season?

On the first question, I think it could happen if the games were to start in early 2021. A lot depends on vaccine and other therapeutics status.

On the second question, the NCAA damn well better approve that transfer. Big Blue Nation needs some good news, and you don’t want to piss off BBN.

Final thought for the morning, son-in-law Greg and his wide-eyed teaching assistant (pictured above) started the school year earlier this week, teaching high school remotely (thanks, KY Gov!). We’re all proud of him and his little TA.

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  1. • Best wishes on your surgery. DO THE EXERCISES!
    • Where does your son-in-law teach?

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