Thursday by the numbers

Six million Americans officially infected with COVID-19 (that means it’s more likely 60M, given our incomplete and incompetent testing program).

Over 183,000 US COVID deaths, officially.

173 days since we started staying home and taking protective measures.

74 days until the election, in which we might get rid of one of our plagues.

127 days to the end of a wretched 2020.

14 straight days with the daily high temperature over 90 degrees here in Fallbrook, with most days setting an all-time record high (historically, should be low to mid 80s).

4 days (!) until I get my knee hacked.

Zero days since the Trump crime family committed a crime.

10 years ago today I was in Washington DC, lobbying the FCC to provide private spectrum for the utility industry. And met up with my good friend John Coble at a nice restaurant.