Thursday trivia

I read this today on the always-informative Heather Cox Richardson’s daily news report:

“Enthusiasm for the Biden-Harris ticket brought 150,000 new donors to the Democratic campaign. In the 24 hours after Biden announced that he was tapping Harris as his vice president candidate, the campaign raised an eye-popping 26 million dollars.”

That is great news, but Heather might reconsider the phrase “…Biden announced that he was tapping Harris…”. Just sayin’. And yes, it’s a sophomoric pun. Deal with it.

In local news, I received a nice sticker in the mail from a neighbor who learned I was from Kentucky. The sticker says it all. I knew there was a reason we bought property in Fallbrook. Gotta love it.

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 4.01.31 PM.png

In “I wish I was traveling” news, I’m enjoying the Golf Channel’s coverage of the US Amateur Championship from Bandon Dunes, Oregon. I’ve been fortunate enough to play Bandon’s courses three or four times. It’s a golf adventure, par excellance. The picture below shows a water buffalo me teeing up on one of the holes at Bandon, maybe the Old Mac course (there are five courses). Not flattering, but memorable. Love that place.


Golf at Bandon isn’t smooth or easy.  The elements are against you – wind, rain, tall grass, gorse (the yellow vegetation in the picture above), and gravity. And you walk every hole – we walked 36 holes every day for 3-4 days on the latest trips, maybe ten miles per day. I can’t do that right now – I need to get my knee fixed so I can go back and play there again. Running out of time…I’ve got maybe 5-6 years left where it’s reasonable that I could play a course like Bandon. It’s back on the bucket list.

Finally, let’s just leave this for later, please. After the election.



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