Four tidbits for Wednesday

OK, this would be one of the worst jobs in America. Trying to translate Trump’s stilted, self-interrupted, nonsensical word salad speech into sign language. I can only imagine the grimaces as a sign interpreter tries to make sense of POTUS’s verbal noise.

But here’s some good great news. Turns out coffee’s antioxidants makes it a superfood, reducing risk of many diseases including cancer. As I drink my Nth cup of coffee this morning, I feel better already.

More great news. It’s OK to read this, but if you do knock on wood, find a four-leaf clover, walk the maze widdershins, nail up a horsehoe or a crucifix…whatever apotropaic gesture you choose to ward off bad luck and evil. The guy who’s predicted every presidential race since 1984 correctly is all-in on Biden. Let’s hope his luck (and ours) hasn’t run out.

Some fun news. SpaceX has launched a giant grain silo called Starship and moved it 150 meters from pad to pad. It’s weird, but it’s a pretty amazing rocketry achievement.



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