Saturday musings

The things going on in Portland this past week are frightening and illegal. Federal police, US Border Patrol agents actually, (WTF?) are snatching up people off the streets, arresting them with no stated charges and taking them to unknown locations – that’s straight out of the dictator’s playbook. When the government can “disappear” a citizen like this, democracy is over. This has to be revealed for what it is and stopped. If conservatives want to get outraged about US citizens’ rights being taken away, stop focusing on mask-wearing rules and get focused on this.

I had an idea yesterday, kind of a daydream, to take a BIG overseas vacation once it’s safe to do so. I called it a “greatest hits” trip, in which K and I would go to 3-4 of our favorite spots in the world. So far my list is Verona Italy, the Highlands in Scotland, the west end of London, Barcelona (with a side trip into the southern France Pyrenees region), and Kauai. The first four could be done in a single trip fairly simply, but Hawaii is of course in the other direction.

We’ve been blessed with classic San Diego weather the last week or so. Low 80s in the day, 60-ish at night, and often a cool breeze blowing west to east in the afternoon. It’s pretty great. That weather (and the ocean that drives it) is pretty much the reason that Socal real estate is 2-3x more expensive than most other places.

If it pans out in tests, this could be some great news in the fight against COVID-19.

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